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Weight: Well that worked... or it was random?

My weight loss cycle is really, really annoying: I'll spend many weeks going up and down around a single number, then I'll have a week or two where I lose, then I'll go back to many weeks of a plateau. It's so frustrating, because my results have no correlation to my effort.

I've been using the MyFitnessPal (calorie tracking) app for almost two weeks now, and this week I had a big loss (4.5 pounds, though only 3 of those were "new" loss). The app had me aiming for a pound a week loss, so that's great but unexpected.

Unfortunately I can't credit it to the app/close calorie counting yet. It could be some kind of water weight thing, it could be just this natural plateau cycle I go through, it could be just totally random and next week I'll gain 6 pounds (that has happened before -- a big loss followed next week by a bigger gain, when I do nothing different).

For many, many months now I've been so close to getting below 200. I'm really excited about this step forward, though it's tempered by the knowledge/worry that this is likely just a brief period of loss and I'll go back to hovering for another month or two before I lose again.

Though, weight loss aside, I have to say the best thing about tracking my calories is that I'm no longer so ravenously hungry. I used to not be able to sleep at night because I was so hungry! Other than random cravings, I'm rarely hungry nowadays. That's a really nice quality of life change.
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