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The state of me

An assortment of random things. Like an assortment of chocolates, but with fewer calories!

It's odd being lonely at work. I've been here a couple hours already, and next to no one is here. Usually there are hundreds of people in this building.

I think I'm going to work from home ("work" from home) tomorrow and Wednesday.

Though it's still too early to be sure, I think the calorie counting app is really helping. I didn't lose much last week (.2 pounds -- two-tenths!), but the next day I lost a pound (unofficial weighing though). If I generally continue downward for the next two weeks, I'm going to call it a success instead of just a period between forever-plateaus.

[Glossary for next section: FFXIV = MMO/online game I play. FC = free company/"guild"/group you play with. RP = role-play.]

I'm going to quit my FC on FFXIV tonight. The way I jump from FC to FC is becoming a joke in part of my social circle, but I just find I have less and less patience for immature crap anymore. My current FC seems to be full of preteen boys: Racist, sexist, stupid "jokes" are the order of the day. Endless memes and that sort of thing. If the RP were good, I could put up with OOC annoying stuff, but in this case the RP is very borderline (there are a few good RPers in the group, some average, but many many below average).

Game/RP-wise, I'm in a good place though. More and more people chase after me to want me to join their FC. (I'm a way, WAY more experienced RPer than most folks, and it shows. I've been RPing longer than most of them have been alive.) It's such a good feeling when a FC tells me that I'm their favorite person to RP with, or when they thank me for being such a good sport in RP (with experience comes the knowledge that having your character lose can be just as fun as your character winning -- most young people want to RP being perfect and winning at everything).

Perhaps as part of my FC jumping, I feel less and less like my online friends are really friends. I used to think online people were just as real of friends as offline people could be, but now I'm seeing my online friends as just "people I'm now friendly with but can and will drift away from in the likely-near future". I wish that were otherwise. Maybe it's my own fault, maybe I have to reach out more after I leave people behind in a FC.
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