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Neko Atsume and Better Call Saul

Because I totally need more phone app games to be obsessed with, I finally tried Neko Atsume. A Japanese game, now translated into English. Basically it seems to be a very very casual cat collecting game. You buy toys and set them out, and at random times of the day a cat might visit your yard to play with it.

I've only been playing a half-day now, so I'm not sure what the final goal is. (Have every cat visit? Or catch a picture of every one? Or something else?) It's a tad annoying, because I think the more you check the app, the more chance you'll have of spotting a cat and getting a picture of it, thus I'm checking it endlessly.

As I've only just started playing, I don't have any very cute pictures yet. Here's one of multiple cats visiting my yard:

On the plus side, Neko Atsume has cut down on the time I was playing the Final Fantasy Record Keeper phone game.

I finally finished Better Call Saul. While it was not as good as Breaking Bad, you can't really compare the two. (Except I just did, rebel that I am.)

[Spoilers for all of Better Call Saul/season one]
Semi-random order on impressions:

The last episode was the weakest for me by far. I see what they were setting up, but after a great season, that ep just fell really flat for me.

Were we supposed to dislike Chuck from the beginning? I never liked him, the whole electromagnetic hypersensitivity thing made me roll my eyes and frown lots. Annoyed me further when we found out it was him working against Jimmy.

So hard to call him "Saul", by the way.

Mike was easily the best thing in the show. The episode where he talked about his dead son? Broke me. It pains me to think about how he ended up in Breaking Bad, but at least we 100% know he's safe through all of BCS!

So all in all, I loved it to pieces. I really, REALLY wish all shows came out like Netflix does. I do not want to watch season 2 one ep per week... but I don't know if I'm strong enough to wait until the end. When I marathon it, I pick up so much more, because things don't have a whole week to fade.
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