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Star Wars | Neko Atsume

I really, really wish I could get into Star Wars.

I watched the new movie this weekend (downloaded, because there's no way I would take the time and money to see a movie I suspected I wouldn't like, even if I had had the money to spend), and I couldn't even get through it.

I love the idea of Star Wars (a giant story that so many people love and are into), and I like how complex the canon seems to be, but even though I keep trying to make myself get into it, for some reason it just never hooks me.

I tried rewatching the original three a year or two back, but they did nothing for me.
I'm watching Clone Wars on Netflix, but I watch at most one 20 minute ep a week, and often miss weeks.
I gave this new movie a chance, watching more than an hour and a half of the two hours, but I had so little interest in it.

[Very very mild spoilers, nothing you wouldn't pick up from the trailer.]
I did like the idea behind the Finn character, and I had hoped that would be enough to make me like the movie, but that part of the plot seemed so shallow, like they just barely mentioned who he was and why he left the Storm Troopers, then had to move on to the action. I would have liked it if they had spent a whole lot more time on that, on his struggle to break away from his training and conditioning. /end spoiler

I had to pause the movie to google and see if I understood a part right. If this is a spoiler, I suspect it's nearly as old as I am, but I'm cutting just in case I'm wrong about that.

[Star Wars family lines and relationships...]

So... Han Solo was Darth Vader's son? That seems so... cliche? Odd? Off? Something is very, very strange about that, like a fic where the author wants to make their most popular characters related somehow. [Edit: Oops, I'm wrong! See comments.]

And then I found out Han Solo had the kid with Princess Leia, and I really started rubbing my head.

Questionable storylines aside, their kid is quite hot!

/end spoiler


Neko Atsume is killing me. I cannot believe how much I love these little cartoon cats! It's insane! I talk to them in my head, just like I would real kittens. I have real feelings for these silly little cats! I don't understand it, I feel like I'm going crazy!


I had some other stuff I wanted to post about, but I forgot to upload the screenshots, so that will be a post for another day.
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