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Neverending Netflix Problems

While Netflix has serious and major issues, at least their support people are wonderfully helpful.

It all started with Luxembourg. I live in the US (California). Their HQ is in the US (California). Something about their servers or code or something was sending my payment through Luxembourg instead of up the road, so I was getting charged 50% higher monthly rate and a foreign transaction fee from my bank.

So I contacted them. An hour dealing with various support people (they kept passing me higher and higher, not because I was angry (I wasn't), but because apparently this was some issue they had never seen before). But eventually they "fixed" the issue and gave me four free months to cover all the overcharges and fees.

The next month, the same thing happened. So I got a fifth free month, plus nearly the whole sixth month free.

The next month, the same thing happened...

You can see where this is going.

Last month and this month were a different issue: I was being charged the right amount, going through the US payment center, but I was supposed to still have free months left.

At least this time it didn't take an hour dealing with support. Every other time, the shortest amount of time this issue took was 75 minutes.

This time they gave me half the months in refunded money and the rest as free months. (I would have rather had it all refunded so I could stop paying attention to if they were charging me or not, but they couldn't do that.)

So let's see if this issue happens again next month. While I'm not holding my breath that it's fixed, at least the Netflix support people are very good to work with -- some of the best I ever have.

Edit: And sadly, I didn't win the 1.6 Billion dollar lottery tonight. I feel stupid as hell for entering a lottery, but I guess if it's over a billion, I suppose I can make an exception. I didn't even match one single number. :P

Edit2: Sigh. Maybe Netflix support should focus less on being nice and more on getting things right. I just got the credit email from them. They refunded me ONE month, not half of the due. Now I'm going to have to contact their support again. This is really, really getting old.
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