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Bits and pieces

I spent the last hour watching Blurred Lines cover and parody videos, trying to find a good one for this post. It all started with my canceling my TV cable service... *flashback wavy lines* When I want to watch stuff, I have to do it online. I'm surprised at how many sites like this one host hundreds of shows. More shows than I knew existed!

Apparently there's a version of the Great British Bake-off for kids (Junior Bake Off), so I started watching some season of that. The show used Blurred Lines in the middle of the ep. You know, the rape-y song? Made me blink quite a bit! Apparently it was banned in UK schools, but it's used on a TV show featuring kids?

The song sure is catchy though, thus listening to covers and parodies was really no hardship.

A scene from my current obsession amused me today. All my cats sitting around inside on the new expensive piece of cat furniture I bought, and one silly dopey cat hanging out outside under a hat.

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