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Cats getting nine lives idea: Thwarted!

The DM of that "You Will Die" RP thread on reddit finally posted my death. Though I hadn't mentioned the nine lives idea, he thwarted it.

You lash out at the intruder, but the intruder dodges your attack. Next thing you know, the intruder got you in his bag.

What is this? A kidnapping? No... it's a catnapping!

The catnapper leaves the store with you in the bag. You have no clue where he is taking you.

The catnapper gets in a car with you and starts to drive away.

After a few minutes you can hear police sirens. They are getting louder. The catnapper starts to speed up though.

The car chase continues for several minutes until the car of the catnapper is hit by something. One of the police cars perhaps? You can't tell because you're still stuck in the bag.

The catnapper's car starts to skid and hits something else. You suddenly are in free fall, but only for a few seconds. The car splashes into water. The water starts to get into the car.

You finally manage to get out of the bag, but you fail to get out of the catnapper's car that is now sinking in a river. You drown together with the catnapper.

You are now dead.

Game over - Thanks for playing!

Cat would end up with the same death eight more times, since it's stuck.

Oh well! Was tons of fun!

I like to come at these RP threads in an unexpected (and hopefully amusing) sort of way, so at risk of becoming known as an animal RPer, I did a similar trick in a new thread. Opening post from it:

[Western] You are sitting across from your most hated enemy.

The cave in was devastating, creating a several meter wide blockade of fallen rock which separated the two of you from the outside world. The only way out was through the tunneling depths of the abandoned mine that led to God knows where.

Sitting at the opposite end of the wall from you was your most hated enemy, the only other survivor of the explosion. Between both of you were the four objects that got you into this mess.

An oil lantern providing your only source of light, a canteen filled halfway with water, a gun with one bullet, and a wooden crate packed with stolen gold bars fresh off the U.S. Mint.

The two of you could only stare at one another in silence, seeing who would make the first move.

Who are you? How did you get here?

I decided to be a mouse, and my mortal enemy a snake. Since the thread isn't over (though I got out of the cave and into a house and a cat is now chasing me) I'm going to wait to archive it here. The DM on this one really knows his stuff though, you can tell he's an expert on old west stuff.
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