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Tie my tubes now!

Heh heh heh! Best. Princess. Maker. Ending. Ever! Best and most fitting!

I named this daughter after Hauser, a rather not nice bad guy on the MUSH.

From a very young age (12 in this one), Princess Hauser was bloodthirsty. Before she turned 13, she was partying with demons. They liked her and she liked them. Soon she was killing humans. Even random strangers saw the connection.

There's a fortune teller who comes by a couple times, offering to tell you your fortune. Princess Hauser's first one was the same as every one she gave us.

Her letter is amusing but the picture with it isn't.

For some reason, the fortune teller came back at the end of the game and had a conversation with Princess Hauser. She and my daughter chatted on and on.

Princess Hauser's job is decided (I *love* that picture!). And what happened next? Her final words, spoken like a true Rocket.

And my rating as a parent? And most important of all, oh tell me, did my daughter marry?

Lastly, her final sheet (edited to make one image). Now how's that as a score? -984!


This game took way too long (4+ hours) with another hour on top to edit images and make this post. This is an "expensive" (time-wise) hobby!
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