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Book #6 of 2015: Paleo (and others to come through the year)

Paleo by Jim Lawson
Rating: Disliked (Hated-Disliked-Okay-Liked-Loved)

Book received free for review from Dover Publications.

I like dinosaurs. I like stories told from an animal's POV. So I should like Paleo since it's stories told from dinosaurs' POVs. Unfortunately the art made it really hard to like (and read).

This screenshot was taken at 1:1 ratio from the book itself, not messed up through compression or something:

The text was hard to read, and the art looked like it was straight from newspaper print.

Apparently this book was created from a webcomic, and the art and text is crystal clear on the website, so maybe it's some issue with this protected PDF format I was given for review.

I enjoyed the stories, though the dinosaurs tended to be anthropomorphized more than I would like.

I'll probably look through the webcomic's site at some point, but unfortunately I personally would pass on this graphic novel. Even if the art/text quality issues appeared only in this file for review, all the artwork in the book is in simple black and white -- even just a few added splashes of color here and there would make it more interesting to look at.

[Every year, I use one book to list/give me credit for all the graphic novels, unfinished books, children's books, etc that I've read for the year. This year, it's Book #6. Exciting times!]
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