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Around the world in 80 TV shows

Since turning off my cable TV, I've reduced my television watching by... not much at all. Oddly, the only real difference is what I watch instead of how much -- and the quality of what I've watched has gone UP. How strange is that?

Before turning my service off, I had had no idea just how many TV shows were available online (from other countries, offered through websites -- no need to download anything, just watch through the site!). It's actually better watching things this way than cable TV, since I can watch what I want when I want. (Other than live TV. While there are ways to watch that online, they're spotty and for some reason always run on EST. Watching the evening news at 2 PM and primetime shows at 5 PM is just not all that workable for me.)

I watched a few seasons of Robot Chicken straight through (I had abandoned that show early on, driven away by its more immature and crude/violent moments, but the later seasons have fewer of those and more bits that are a match for my humor). Then I realized I had to catch up with the end of Master Chef Junior. Once done with that, I looked at what other Master Chef shows were available...

Master Chef South Africa Celebrity. Hm! In all my time watching TV, I never even wondered what a cooking show in South Africa would be like. Let alone a Celebrity version of one. So I settled in to watch it. While I didn't recognize even once single celebrity, it was still a very nice series! I enjoyed what I watched of the season! (Unfortunately a few episodes were missing.) There was so much interesting stuff -- getting to know these local-to-SA celebrities and, even better, seeing the kinds of charities that exist there. If the series had been based in the US, I would have been bored by the visits to the charities to see the people there and the work they do, but seeing that information from South Africa? So interesting!

Currently I'm marathoning Deadliest Catch. I don't know why I stopped watching the series, but it's great to get back to it.

So thank you, people of India. Who knew that most uploaded TV was done through your country? You keep poor, broke me entertained though my quiet times at home.

(I had wanted to include links to the shows and sites, but my bookmarks are at home and I'm at work. If anyone would like to see where I do much of my viewing, or have a link to any show mentioned here, just leave a comment!)
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