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I'm a technical writer, and I've inherited a set of documents I have to maintain. Someone else created them, someone else named them. One of the file names is anal_timing. It's about timing analyst, so there's plausible deniability on the name, but every time I have to refer to them to someone else, I'm embarrassed. However, as long-time readers of my LJ know, my humor is kind of out of wack -- if someone brought me a file named anal_timing, I'd have a hard time not snickering out loud. My brain would SO go to the adult meaning first. But would other people?

So help me, friends list! What do you think about having a file at work named anal_timing? While the name could be seen as fitting, there are many other, not-potentially-offensive names that would fit too.

Poll #2035897 Offensive or not?

anal_timing: Yay or nay?

Yeah, that's not a file name I'd use at work...
You're overreacting, it's fine
Could go either way, better to name it something else to be safe
Something else I'll put in comments
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