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Goosebumps the movie, Blake's 7, One Punch Man

It feels like a wasted weekend. Other than some light shopping on Saturday, I didn't do much other than watch stuff. Work is rough right now, and I just needed some downtime to rest my brain.

I started out trying One Punch Man (an anime series). I've heard nothing but good things about it from people, but it just didn't work at all for me. I didn't even make it through one single ep. I didn't hate it, but the humor fell totally flat for me, and I'm just not interested in anime much anymore.

An author I know loves Blake's 7, and I've been meaning to give that a try, so I loaded it up next. It's a British sci-fi show from the late 70s through early 80s. It wasn't bad, there was nothing wrong with it, but after four and a half eps it hadn't hooked me at all, so I gave up on it. The best part about the show was discovering how heavily the author's work referenced the show -- everything from the governments being named the same thing (The Administration), to the name of groups (like the police), and, after seeing Blake's 7, I believe even the writer's main characters are based on characters from the show.

Lastly, with very low expectations, I checked out Goosebumps (the movie). I was seriously surprised at how much I enjoyed it! It alternated between cute and sweet. (And I bet I would have liked it even more if I had read any of the books.)

Jack Black played R.L Stine, and I actually... liked him in the role. I've never liked Black in anything, he tends to set my teeth on edge, so I'm really surprised that he worked for me here.

Goosebumps may have been aimed at "tweens" (hate that word), but it worked very well for adult me as well.
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