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Beetlejuice, 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown, The Planet Has Talent, The Lion Guard

I need a new show to get hooked on. Lacking that, I dabbled in a lot of viewing tonight.

It started with that Day-o song from Beetlejuice:

That got me thinking about the movie, so I tracked it down and watched it. Sadly, it didn't hold up at all. The characters were nice, the actors were fine, and there were some rare funny bits, but the special effects (which were an important part of the movie), didn't age well at all. Everything looked like cheap Halloween masks. It did have some enjoyable moments, but all in all I think I would have been better off with my good memories of the movie.

I poked around for a TV show to watch, and spotted the oddly named 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown. Knowing nothing at all about it, I dived in. It seemed to be a talk show comedy mixed with a gameshow, which wiki confirmed, but sadly it didn't really work for me. It had a few funny moments, but all in all the humor fell seriously flat for me. That, combined with a loud laugh-track, made me give up on it before I reached the halfway point of one ep.

Know the show America's (or [your country]'s) Got Talent? I've always wondered why there wasn't a big, general ...Got Talent show, with clips from all the shows from all the different countries. Turns out there is, but it only plays in England (I think, if I guessed references and named locations correctly). It was quite entertaining for one episode, but not enough to drive me to seek out more of it.

Lastly, I watched the newest episode of The Lion Guard, which continues to be a wonderful show despite being shown on Disney Junior. The animation is outstanding, the songs are fun, and I love the majority of the characters. Unfortunately one main character is seriously immature, but... Disney Junior. It's also too bad that the hyenas are so neutered as villains, but... Disney Junior. Even with those issues, it's my favorite show currently on TV.

Speaking of it, my figures from it arrived. I'm amazed at how high quality they are! I've never had plastic figures so well made and well painted. The biggest one is seriously heavy! I don't have much display room on my desk, so I put them on the edge of my computer tower, where they're often fittingly silhouetted by the window.

The other three are in a jumbled pile at the bottom of my tower, taking up space.
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