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I wonder if GMs hate me or like me?

The more time I spend in You Enter a Dungeon (a RP subreddit), the more I'm discovering that I seem to have a modus operandi when it comes to these random RP threads. I seem to like to look for holes, some way to twist things in a way the GM didn't expect or intend.

In one thread, the GM set up a game:

You're in a stone room about 15 meters in each dimension. In the corners are four pedestals, respectively containing: a riot shield, a sword glowing with some green energy that reminds you of a lightsaber, an automatic pistol, and a staff with a brilliant ruby on its end.

A voice that is not yours sounds through your head.

"Welcome to the Game. You have been selected to have an opportunity; risk, but reward. What tool do you choose to face the trials ahead?"

Everyone else (logically) had a human appear in that room, but to me that idea was boring.

Confusion. Anger. What am I doing here? This is not My place. And where is all that is Mine?

At the voice in my head, I let out a roar, the sound of it echoing off the walls around me. Intruder! The way the sound bounces would let me know there are no exits from this odd cave, if my eyes had not supplied that information.

I swing my great head around, scanning what is here. Treasure, or small pieces of it. Nothing compared to My hoard, but I cannot resist claiming it. The staff has a gem in it. It will be the first thing I take. Mine.

I spread my wings, but the space is too small to fly. Instead I walk, my claws clicking against the floor. With one massive forepaw, I reach forward and claim the staff. Mine.

I am a dragon.

In another thread from this morning, the GM set up some kind of violent horror idea:

You approach the cabin at midday; it sits in the woods, run down and falling apart.

If the legends are true, you will find a powerful vampire inside. Whether or not you will survive the encounter and get your revenge is another question.

(please describe who you are, what you look like and why you are hiring a vampire to help you get vengeance)

This time I did go with a human character, but I'm 100% sure it's not what the GM was intending. :P

Sigh! So, like, when I first met Brendan, he seemed like the dream guy, you know? He was from Europe, he had, like, the coolest accent ever. Everything was a nonstop party when he was around. I thought we'd be, you know, exclusive... until I saw him with that bitch Sarah! Bastard had her up against a wall, kissing her neck...

Who cares that he wasn't really kissing her, the bastard was supposed to be with me!

But I'm going to get my revenge. Turns out vampires are pretty common (who knew, right?), so I found one even hotter than Brendan! We're going to go to the party tonight at his place and I'm going to make out with him in the middle of the room. Brendan's going to lose it! He'll be SO sorry he cheated on me!

To me, half the fun of these is finding some amusing, unusual way to reply. The threads where I do the expected are less fun to me. I wonder if that makes me a brat or a fun challenge?
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