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Black Mirror eps 3-5

I'm writing this post in an effort not to watch more Black Mirror. I only have two eps left (last one of the series, then the Christmas special), then it's all over. Seven episodes are just too short for one season, let alone the two that it's had!

While the first two episodes I posted about previously are by far my favorites, the most of the others were pretty darned good too.

Each episode is stand-alone, but I'll cut each of them individually anyway.

[Spoilers for ep 3]The Entire History of You -- all of your memories are recorded and can be played back (or erased) at any time.

While I understood the point of this episode, I feel like, especially in a show that only has seven hours total, an hour was way, way, WAY too much time to spend on it. I knew where they were going from the beginning, and I wanted them to reach the end faster.

This is the only episode thus far that I haven't enjoyed.

[Spoilers for ep 4]Be Right Back -- be careful what you wish for, or you'll end up with a clone of your dead loved one in your attic.

While I liked this one more than History of You, I didn't love it. Again, I thought they could have gotten to the point of the story faster, and thus saved time. Maybe combine these two eps into two half-hour stories instead. Still, it was emotional and creepy and totally understandable.

[Spoilers for ep 5]
White Bear -- don't think you know what's going on in this ep, because you don't.

Wow. The last 15 minutes makes this ep. The first three-quarters of it seemed seriously meh -- I didn't know exactly what was going on, but I had some (what I thought were good) guesses. Turns out I was SO SO SO wrong.

This might have been the most disturbing of the episodes so far. I loved it/hated it so much. :D

I really wish you could turn off the Netflix episode summary blurbs (the display when you pause for too long). It's better when you go into each episode blind.

How happy is this news? In September 2015, Netflix commissioned a third season to consist of 12 episodes. WOOO! 12! I hope they're as good/disturbing as these original ones!

Edit: I'm so weak.

[Episode 6]
The Waldo Moment -- oh hey, it's Donald Trump's campaign. A cartoon bear runs for office.

Sadly this ep beat out The Entire History of You as my least favorite ep. I didn't really believe that most of that could happen, and there was next to no emotional draw during it for me.

And yet, it seemed an exact mirror of the Trump campaign. So it should have seen realistic, but I suppose I just cannot believe people would actually vote for Trump either...
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