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It's weeks like this that make me happy I live in an apartment...

Last weekend I noticed a black stain on the chest of my favorite shirt. Grumpy, I scrubbed and scrubbed and successfully got it off. Then I noticed the same color stain on other shirts. And socks/underwear from a different load. And towels/washcloths from a third load.

Checking my washer, I noticed black grease coming out of the little holes that line the inside of the tub. Ugh.

Called the apartment office, they sent a man out, and he ordered me a new washing machine. o.O I used to work for Whirlpool, I was 100% certain this could be fixed, and the washer is only two years old...But hey, if they want to replace it, okay. But I'm going to be without a washer for at least a week.

Then last night, there was no hot water. While we have an emergency repair phone number, I wasn't sure if this counted as an emergency, figured someone else would call, and/or hoped it would be working by morning. Nope. No hot water this morning. I washed my hair in the sink with cold water (brr) and put in a repair order.

I know adults should own houses, but man, I wouldn't be able to sleep at night if I did. What if something broke? What if it was something really expensive? What if the repair guy was awful?

I heard a story about this on NPR, and a line stuck with me. "Home ownership means you'll know the minimum you pay for housing every month [mortgage]. Renting means you know the maximum you'll pay a month." I really like knowing the maximum, the "worst case".

I sure do hope I can take a shower tonight...
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