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The Walking Dead

I do not know what drives me to continue to watch this show. Every week I ask myself the same thing, and yet the next week I watch it again.

But I swear to god, this week's episode was the absolute worst. I actually have the episode paused so I can write up this rant.

[Spoilers for this week s episode.]

Where in the world is the logic in the whole Paul/Jesus character storyline? They left him TIED UP on the road. They sped off in a truck... and the guy got himself untied, caught up much later on foot, and somehow jumped onto the top of the speeding truck? What in the world were the writers thinking? Did not one of the actors say 'Hey, this doesn't really make sense'?

Of course that wasn't the only lack of logic. Somehow Rick and Daryl caught up to the same truck on foot.

And OF COURSE the truck rolled off into the lake.


Pretend there's an apostrophe in the spoiler cut link. LJ code doesn't like them.
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