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Bugs and bugs

I'm falling down on posting again. Sigh. Hopefully when work settles down I can post on a more regular basis again. I've been working 12+ days for two weeks straight now, plus the occasional weekend/holiday work day. Blah.

Somehow, even though I no longer even have a nail on it, my toe got infected again. My doctor calls it a mystery, which is not a good thing in when it comes to medical stuff. It's been getting infected every couple months for more than a year now, and I've seen a few specialists about it already.

Next up: A MRI to see if an infection is hiding in my bone. I already had an X-ray to check for that, but it might have missed something, so we're going to go with the more detailed MRI.

As I've not met my deductible yet for the year, it's going to be out of pocket, which makes me want to cry. It's probably going to be a couple thousand dollars.* Plus I'm still waiting on all of my tax paperwork for the year, and if it's like last year I'll be paying a couple thousand for that, too.

*Okay, I finally called to find out exactly what my deductible is and what I've paid so far. Turns out I "only" have to pay $1,000 more to meet my deductible for the year. That's going to hurt, but at least it's one thousand and not multiple thousands.

The other "bug" in my subject line is of the insect kind. I found a BIG black fast-moving bug in my bathroom yesterday morning. At first I thought it was a roach (especially since it squeezed out from under the cup I trapped it under), but looking at pictures online, I think/hope it wasn't. Maybe some kind of odd beetle got into my house. (And I'm not sure why a roach would be in my bathroom instead of my kitchen.) Still, I'm highly worried and grossed out by this. My apartment complex has a silverfish problem (which is horrible and gross), but roaches would be a worse and unacceptable level of gross.

To end on a positive note: After being stalled for more than two months, I finally, finally started losing weight again. I'm hoping to have good news to post about that soon.
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