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I feel pretty! Oh so pretty!

I wrote another 100 word HP story. I really like this one! It might be my favorite. Heh heh heh!

Title: Sometimes Fewer Senses Would Be Better
Word Count: 100, per Word!
Characters: Lockhart and his class
Note: I've come to like reusing titles!


Gilderoy Lockhart had officially lost it.

His class stared up at him in wide-eyed shock. Even his fangirls in the front row looked rather dismayed.

Harry somehow managed to ask, "...and what's that smell?"
Ron, unable to rip his gaze away, replied, "Looks like ...oil?"

Lockhart didn't miss the exchange. "I hear you!" he sang. Over to Ron and Harry he pranced. Bounced. Both.

At close quarters, things were even less comfortable.

Stark naked Lockhart leaned down and kissed Harry. The feel... the taste (aaarrrrggg!) ...the surprise of it made Harry fall over. The rest of the class fled.


While writing this, I kept picturing naked Lockhart prancing around his classroom singing 'I feel pretty! Oh so pretty!'. Please share my pain.
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