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2016 book: Extinction: The Warriors Return

Extinction: The Warriors Return by Jay Korza
Rating: Hated (Hated-Disliked-Okay-Liked-Loved)

Let's play a game. I'm going to describe a situation, and you figure out the reasonable thing to do.

The setting is an alien planet, but basically it's a copy of Earth. There are schools, military installments, even electronic stores. The universe has space travel.

A young girl won a prize in a raffle at her school, and her and her father went to the store to pick up the high powered telescope she won.

A couple people high on drugs hold the store up. Her father got shot in the chest.

You are a corpsman (a medic, not a doctor). You see the father being shot. Do you:

A) Call whatever the equivalent of 911 is and do first aid while waiting, or

B) Whip out your pocket knife and open his wound further, stick your fingers in, cry out "My god! He's been shot in the heart! But I know what to do!". Then, using that same pocket knife, open the father's chest up, and since you have no rib spreaders with you, use your bare hands to rip his rib cage apart. Then, after seeing all his other organs exposed to the air, and still with your bare, ungloved hands, stick your fingers into the hole in his heart to stop the bleeding. (Which apparently was the right thing to do because "color traveled up his carotid artery and returned to his face" after you plugged the dike hole in his heart with your fingers.)

Then the police arrived and took the girl away... with still no medical help for the father. Oh yeah, and the druggies shot the corpsman, but he kept his fingers in the hole even after he died, so the father lived.

All that was in the first chapter. I stuck through the beginning of the second chapter to try to see if there was some kind of logic behind that (maybe these weren't humans, maybe they were aliens with two hearts or something), but nope, these were just normal humans.

Would you believe this book has 50 reviews and an average of four stars on Amazon? I remember the days when Amazon reviews were actually in some way, shape, or form accurate instead of overrun with paid crap.
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