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MRIs and toes

I meant to write about my MRI after it happened, but life got busy.

MRIs: Terrifying for the first moments, then very, very, very boring.

My MRI took 60 minutes. So that was 60 full minutes of laying on a cold, hard slab, naked but for those paper gowns, in a cold room, with a cold breeze blowing on me. And you cannot move. You can't shift, you can't stretch, you can't move at all, you have to stay as perfectly still as you can. It was very long, very cold, and very very boring.

The first moments were scary as heck -- what if I had metal inside me that I forgot about/hadn't known about? I know, it's a silly though now -- if you had a metal pin in you, you'd remember it. But when you're being pushed into a machine with a magnet so strong it would rip a metal pin right out of your bone and out through your body, it seems a more reasonable fear.

There was no music, no pictures to look at, nothing at all. Just a white room and a very loud machine. I've never been in a situation like that before -- being perfectly still with not a single thing to do, see, or listen to. Even as a kid, punished by being made to stand in a corner, you never have to stand there a whole hour. (Or I never did.)

I got it done on Tuesday, and Wednesday my doctor's office called me to make an appointment next week to go over the results. As bone infections are very, very serious, if the MRI had found something, I'm sure they would have wanted to see me sooner than a week later, so I'm not worried about the result.

But that leads us back to the original question -- why has my toe been getting infected on and off for more than a year now? And I'm slightly worried, because I think the usual antibiotic isn't working this time. I've been on it a week, and while it's not getting worse, it's not getting much better either (or if it is getting better, it's very slow). I'm allergic to three antibiotics, two of the best ones against this strain of infection I have, so that makes it even harder to deal with this.

Darned toe, stop being infected!
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