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(Funny, I need a title for it, too!)

Since I had time at work today, I read that second HP story I wrote a long time ago for the Roughside fest. Highly surprisingly, I mostly liked it. I need to just look up one thing from the book, come up with a title, then find a beta to read it over (maybe I'll poke my last one and ask her if she has time for another), then I can post it.

Alas, though I wrote it based on a Roughside bunny, it won't fit the fest by a long, long shot. There's no sex at all in it (just a mention or two), and though there is non-consent in it, it's really not the way the group intended it, I'm sure. :P

It's ... cute.

It would make a fine story for little kids. The whole thing is told from Crookshank's POV, which I'd like if I was reading someone else's story.

I'll probably finish getting it into shape this weekend. Funny, but coming up with a title is sometimes the hardest part...
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