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Who knew there were good political commercials nowadays?

Since turning off my cable TV service, I watch TV where I can get it. There are websites out there that stream live TV around the country (and world), so when I want to watch basic stuff (news, daytime TV), that's where I go. For some reason, almost all feeds come out of New York or Ohio. Of the two, I like the Ohio feeds best -- I grew up in NY, so Ohio is more different and interesting, in everything including the political ads.

Ohio's political ads are scary. I've spent all my life in New York and California, two of the most liberal places in the US. We never got Conservative-targeted ads. Ohio? Ohio is full of them.

Picture a middle-aged white man, military haircut, holding some kind of big rifle. He stares into the camera as he speaks. "Washington wants to take our guns. *cocks gun* But I'm not going to let them. *raises gun to his shoulder* I'm going to do something about politicians who want to take our guns! *fires repeatedly*" Excuse me, but that's damned scary. And that was someone RUNNING FOR OFFICE!

However, I also saw an ad that was the opposite of the gun one. I'm in love with this commercial.

Anything with Simon and Garfunkel in it tends to win me over, but this is just so positive and nice and kind and ... no guns. No threats. No anger. Just kindness and love and nice.

I wonder why the Democrats won't do a Hillary/Bernie or Bernie/Hillary ticket? Seems like that would be the best of both world.

Now and again I want to write a post about Trump, but I get all grumpy and close the window before I get even close to finishing it.
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