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Deadpool and weight

While I'm not a reader of comic books, the Marvel movies still tend to work for me -- and some a lot more than just "work for me". I love the Avengers and Iron Man movies. Deadpool though? I didn't hate it, but I think I barely could have been less the target audience for it.

The movie made me feel very old -- I kept thinking how immature the humor was. I know it's just how the character acts, but again, I was far from the target audience for this movie.

I liked a few of the minor characters. Colossus especially (even though I had to google to find out even his name).

I have so little patience for movies nowadays. I don't know how I'd ever see a movie in a theater again -- I just cannot sit and do nothing else for multiple hours. Though Deadpool was 1:40 long, it took me about seven hours to watch it because I kept getting bored and pausing it to do other stuff. (Which happens even with movies I like, I just can't not multitask during them.)


Every week I write my weight down in a little notebook, and today I finished a page and so did some math. The page lasted me for seven months, and in that time I lost a grand total of... 19 pounds. On one hand, that sounds horrible -- so little! But when I do the math, that's not too much off from a pound a week (about .8 a week). So I'm trying not to kick myself over it.

I'm in an odd situation at work. A woman, a rather heavy one, keeps picking my brain to find out how I lost weight. I'm well beyond the point I could mention the surgery, and I honestly don't even know how I'm losing. I told her the things I know (never have fast food, never have soda, count calories closely, never have anything with sugar, and exercise), but she'd doing all that and not losing weight. Which, of course, I know the feeling of!

There's also the element of me feeling like, if I tell her about the surgery, she'll discount that it took any effort at all on my part. Because let me tell you, it's not even a daily effort, it seems an every-minute effort. I'm constantly thinking about calories, kicking myself, trying to fight the temptation to eat at all (seriously, I feel bad/guilty about every bite of food I have, nevermind that's stupid and of course people need to eat).

Blah weight.
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