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What used to be the best day, then the worst, now meh | Game: Stardew Valley

Last year I made sure not to go shopping today (or November 1st). The day after Easter. The day after Halloween. Half-off candy day.

To be honest, I actually forgot about it this year. Thus I walked right face-first into displays of it when I had to go to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription. Sigh. All my favorite candies, 50% off. Easter baskets. Hallow chocolate bunnies! I almost lost it. I almost grabbed a basket and filled it up and to hell with any later issues. (I've not had a chocolate or sweet in 19 months, not a single bite, yet this reaction was so strong I stopped walking and stared at it all.)

Luckily I only had to be strong enough to get out of the store. I told myself that, even though I'm supposed to not spend money, and even though I've not lost weight in more than a month and thus have to eat good, that I'd stop for lunch if I just left without buying candy. Surprisingly, once I was driving away from the store, I found I really didn't want the chocolate anymore. I was hungry, yes, but I wanted food, not chocolate. I miss... the feeling of it. Of being able to buy a whole entire shopping basket of chocolate because it's my money and I'm an adult and I can buy a whole shopping basket of chocolate if I damn well want to. Of owning that much "good" food. Of it being MINE. Of having a pile of it at home, that I could look at and eat whenever I want and as much as I wanted. That I do miss. But I don't miss the chocolate itself.

Brains are odd.


Because teaandfailure was too kind and totally did not listen to me when I told her not to get it for me, I now have Stardew Valley to play. It's sort of a cross between Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon -- you make a farm, tend it, and if you like, get married to someone once you've built up enough of a relationship with them.

The graphics are very simple, but the colors and music are very attractive. I love the colors of the grass and land, so soothing somehow.

I'm on my 12th day now, though multiple times I was tempted to start over because I made some mistakes. A couple minor mistakes, but also two big ones, and one I thought was going to be a deal-breaker...

I found these cool statue things scattered around. I'm sure they do something, but I don't know what yet.

There are lots of other mysteries, like some kind of odd stomach gurgling-ish noise that doesn't seem to do with anything, but is kind of worrying...

I'm totally going to marry this guy:

...marry him after my farm is done. And I have animals. And a ton of other stuff I want to do before dealing with the relationship stuff.

...well okay then.

I'm not going to marry Pam. She lives in a trailer and her trash is full of beer cans. :/

Then a happy day came! A happy happy day! A stray cat showed up on my farm! I named it after a certain someone's cat...

And then my lowest point of the game. I mean a serious stomach-dropping, lips parting in dismay moment. You see, I'm not at all used to the key controls. I've never ever ever used WASD keys in any other game before, I always use the arrows or the mouse. In the game, left and right clicking do different things, and I always, always click the wrong way. So, I was holding my axe when the cat showed up, and I TOTALLY MEANT TO CLICK ON IT TO INTERACT WITH IT, BUT I HIT IT WITH MY AXE. And it changed from sitting up with a heart over its head to this:

I swear to god, I thought I killed the cat. I've 'killed' my crops endlessly by clicking wrong, so I thought I did the same thing to the poor cat. Ugh!

Luckily the cat was fine and doesn't seem to mind getting hit with the axe...

My other big, big mistakes were related: I'm always out of space in my bag, so I thought I could put things on the ground and pick them up later (like you can in Animal Crossing), but apparently you cannot. They're gone the next day. SIGH. I lost my sword and other stuff that I could have made money on!

Then THEN! I was so close to the bigger bag. I needed 40 more (game dollars). 40! So I went into the cave to look for geodes to break open and sell. And two TINY CUTE slime things turned out to not be friendly tiny cute slime things. And I had no sword.

Death is pretty serious in this game. :( Suddenly I had a whole lot less money, plus you lose stuff out of you inventory. So now I'm not even close to getting the bigger bag.

There are other less frustrating issues, like I can't find enough wood so that I can get a barn so I can keep animals. I'm trying not to stress over that kind of thing though, since I'm still early on in the game.

Life in game was much, much easier once I discovered there's a map. :P

All in all, it's a very satisfying game! It gives me that 'accomplished' feeling to get all my game-tasks done for the day.

Now I have an egg festival to attend in-game. :)

Edit: BOOO the game glitched somehow. I woke up at 1 AM gametime, left my house, and the game said I was exhausted and sent me back home, charged me 150 game-dollars (ARG) and I missed the egg fest. ;; Hopefully it wasn't too important... I suppose there's always next game-year. :(

Edit 2: Got a fishing quest, noticed my fishing pole is gone. Guess I lost it when the slime monsters killed me. I had been wondering what else was missing from my bag after I died...
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