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Quickie Stardew Valley post

This icon is actually a WoW one. I had two different 'farmer' kind of characters, this was for the other one. (Supposedly that silhouette is a blood elf, ha. Looks more like a demon of some kind.)

Anyway! I'm not going to make these Stardew Valley posts on a nightly basis, but I started the game over, so that's worth mentioning.

As I decided earlier today, when I got home I started my game over. I wanted to base my farmer character on a WoW RP character of mine -- a death knight who liked growing things, dogs, and...

I do wonder how, if at all, that favorite thing will come into play... (Also, I left the first letter in lower case on purpose, expecting it would likely show up as part of a sentence.)

Even though I like my re-made character better, his model still bugs me. Hello muttonchops?

I went through character generation a second time, trying to figure out how those slipped in (wasn't a face accessory, wasn't somehow connected to the shirt), then I realized it: It's just how the game models work. The 'muttonchops' are his hair visible on either side of his neck. Blah...

And there were a bunch of death knight-y shirts (one with a skull, one with what appeared to be rib bones), but this amused me -- it's the kind of thing he might have picked out to wear.

Anyway! I stopped tonight on the same day (18) as my first version of the game, so I'm "caught up" -- but really, I'm way ahead. I knew so much better what to do this time. I have not killed one single crop by mistake! (I have a rule: If I'm anywhere near my crops, I must be holding only the watering can. Accidental watering they'll survive!)

The only thing that made me a touch frowny is that my pet hasn't arrived yet. Haken will so totally name it Dog (even though apparently there's already a Dog in the town).

I really wish I could cut down trees. I need the wood, and the damned things are all over the place. I try to stay on top of chopping them when they're young, but the day is short and there's so much to do. *googles how to chop trees* Must get on top of making my forge so I can make the copper bars, then save 2K gold.

Oh, and by chance, I gave Sebastian a gift he liked (cookies). I figured even emo teens like cookies and soda. I was right on the cookies, but he didn't like the soda. Oh well. I've been giving flowers to lots of people (I should probably cut back on that), so I'm not sure what's happening relationship status-wise.

I did get to see the egg fest this time, yay! I didn't win the egg hunt (which is too bad, the hat seemed great), but I had enough money for two strawberry seeds, and I didn't kill them. Woot! I considered restarting the day until I won the egg hunt, but meh. I was feeling lazy by that point.

It's odd the differences in the two games. In the first game, I never got called to the wizard's tower, so I couldn't read the alien language sign. This time I was right away. That was handy.

I wish fishing were different. I've always loved fishing in these kinds of games, but I don't enjoy it in this one. Maybe I just need to practice more.

I'm really glad I started over. Everything's better this time. I just need to chop a mess of trees down, and my farm will be close to perfect.
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