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Really, this isn't going to be a nightly post... (Stardew Village update)

Putting it behind a cut for folks who don't care about games. :)

I'm torn between hugging and hating teaandfailure for getting me this game. :) As soon as I get home from work, I sit down and start playing. Eventually I get hungry enough that I notice it's after dinnertime, so I eat and catch up on other stuff, then play until it's bedtime. There's so much to do in it! I'm even utterly and completely ignoring my MMO and idling nonstop in that game while I play this one. (And yet again I wish I had three monitors instead of two, since with a game on each monitor, I can't watch any TV/shows/videos.)

I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow afternoon. I'm going to have to set a timer or something so I don't lose track of time and miss it.

Anyway! kelen mentioned there's a fishing mod, and that changed the game for me. I love fishing in Animal Crossing-type games, but the fishing system in this one just didn't work for me. The mod made it like most other farming games, where you just click once to cast and click once when a fish hooks. Literally game-changing, because once I could fish, money stopped being an issue -- today I got both the second and final backpack upgrades, plus made a bunch of machines, ordered my silo, and a bunch of other stuff.

Fishing gives you so many random materials, too! It's amazing!

My pet dog finally arrived (yay!). I missed the spring flower dance thingie (boo) because, like RL, I'm endlessly lost. But it turns out moot that I missed it, because no one likes me and no one would have asked me to dance (how depressing is that!). So after the dance, I set about making people like me, and I got Sebastian and someone else (Penny?) to the first heart level.

I met the hat mouse!

I seriously considered buying the hat, but it seems to have no use, so I decided to wait. (Plus Haken only likes hats with antlers on them, thank you very much.)

Speaking of IC Haken, he got what would have been an ICly confusing and angering letter:


Emo Sabastian is emo.

I wish we could marry Shane instead. He's so adorably grumpy!

AND AND AND! teaandfailure! I got the option to make a beehive! I didn't have time to look at it tonight, but tomorrow! Also, we had wondered how to walk around with no tools in your hand? Just click an empty box in your inventory.

I upgraded my axe, so I can now rid myself of trees. Slowly, so slowly. Money is no longer the restricting issue, 'energy' is.

It's now summer in game, which at first I didn't like (bright green faded to duller yellow-green), but the butterflies and fireflies make up for it. I planted a mess of blueberry bushes ... where "a mess" = 14. :P Will get more once I catch more fish. I made a recycling machine so I can make use of the fishing junk. Can't wait to try that out.

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