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The daily not-a-daily Stardew Valley post

Once more behind the cut. Short and sweet. A sad lack of screenshots.

  • Upgraded my house, and learned why I hadn't previously been able to figure out how to cook. Yay a kitchen!

  • Built a chicken coop. Next coop is being built now (ducks I think?).

  • Biggest challenge of the game thus far: Finding Marnie actually working at the ranch so I could buy animals.

  • Got a spiffy ring from a fish: It's like a flashlight in a ring, keeps an area around me bright at night/in caves.

  • Caught a legendary fish (no idea what to do with it. I dropped it into storage. Hope it won't rot or something.)

  • Fruit bats moved into the cave on my property. Haken would approve.

  • Bees made honey. Have not seen a bee yet.

  • Bought two hats from the hat mouse. I'd like my money back. They look horrible on Haken.

  • When attending a luau, apparently it's not recommended to add seaweed to the communal soup. (Sorry everyone.)

Farming is my least favorite part of the game thus far (other than making friends with people). I think my sprinkler isn't working (the 8-square one, not the basic 4-square one). It doesn't seem to water anything. Life is too short to water crops with a watering can.

Current big/long term goal: Fish up the special sword. I enjoy mining/fighting critters, but my sword isn't so good.

Haken named his chickens: Chicken, Hen, Bird, and Rooster (the hen). Naming the rest of his animals is going to be fun.

kelen's idea to spread the machines out was a good one. Also, two forges are much better than one, especially when you have things like gold bars to make...

Wish I had more time for mining, but my time (energy!) right now is split between fishing on rainy days and clearing my land on sunny ones.

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