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See? Totally not a daily Stardew Valley post.

I skipped a day! Here we go, catching up on this Death Stardew Valley game...

Holy crap, this was the most brutal death in just about any game I've played, including FFXI where you could actually go down in levels when you die...

SEVENTEEN items! Out of a total of, what, 30? I lost more than half of my tools. (Can you even buy the basic form of those back to re-upgrade? I don't think so?) Pain of that was, I just hit level 80 in the dungeon/mine. AND I had such good loot! So much work done that day, but I had no choice but to start the day over.

Also, yesterday or the day before, I died by being hit by the train. I didn't even know that could happen! That death just cost me 1,000 gold and two items, so I didn't reset it.

I've made some big, annoying mistakes lately. I got the ancient seed, but I planted it badly (too close to something) and now it won't finish growing. And, even though I read a guide telling me to buy no dungeon gear, I spent 6K (all my gold at the time) on a high level sword. ...two levels later, I hit a dungeon level that gave me a much, much better one. Sigh.

Also, I found out where your 'favorite item' comes in. I laughed out loud when I saw this! Linking to image because I believe I'm now ahead of teaandfailure.

I'm mid-fall in my first year. My tools are everywhere from gold level (the two I use most) to the basic one (scythe, cause I never use it for anything). I got the animals like I wanted (cows, goats, chicken, ducks), and turns out I hate having animals. Way WAY too much work. And turns out I find milking animals disgusting (not surprising I suppose, since cow milk disgusts me too). As soon as I get the animal bundles done, I'm either getting rid of them or ignoring them. Except a pig, apparently everyone needs a pig to find truffles.

I'm seriously thinking about stopping all progress on upgrading everything and earning the 42,500 to donate (for the bundles) to fix the bus so I can go to the desert. The last fish I need is there...

This is the best gift I've been given in a long, long time. I'm very glad teaandfailure didn't listen to me when I told her not to get it for me. :D
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