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The not daily not-a-daily Stardew Valley post

Quickie post, mostly because I got the screenshot I think teaandfailure wanted.

The cold never bothered me anyway~

I finally got a hat I liked for Haken. It's just awful! Also, this shows off the amazing ring I got (from a fish!). It does everything: Lights up the area (more than the weak light ring does), has a magnet to draw in drops, and has +10% attack! Now I just need a second one. :P

Aww, Sebastian, I know that feeling...

I played Sebastian's birthday as my final day tonight. Man giving him a gift shot my heart level through the roof! His most liked item + birthday = wow!

I'm really not enjoying winter, which is odd as I hadn't liked planting crops, so I don't know.

As soon as I get my animals to max stars, I'm getting rid of them all except the ducks (until I get some duck feathers, then they're gone too). I really should upgrade for rabbits so I can get rabbit feet, but I got my stable instead. Tomorrow, I suppose.

I'm definitely slowing down on my gameplay now, which is good, as I was falling behind in all sorts of other stuff.
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