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The not daily not-a-daily Stardew Valley post

It's been three days since my last post about Stardew Valley! So this is so totally not a daily post~

While I now see the value of winter, I think it was winter that cooled (haha) my love of the game. During the final days of winter, I started feeling like I was getting hooked again. I set up my land for spring (hoeing everything and setting up my sprinkler grid), and it was great to have something to do.

Then spring hit and mother nature laughed at me. Apparently season change (or at least from winter to spring) resets the land and two days of hoe work were 98% gone. Plus OH MY GOD, so much "garbage" (rocks and sticks) everywhere! After having wonderfully neat land in winter, I felt like I had been set on fire and electrocuted at the same time. ARRRGGG NOOOOO!

So the first three days of spring were all for my crops. I'd like to get the last two crop bundles (spring and gold star) done this year, so I can have my greenhouse in time for winter.

Before winter ended, I explored more of Skull Dungeon, but I like it a whole lot less than the mines. I got down to level 50-something by chance and luck more than anything, but it was so stressful (if I die and lose so much) that I eventually just left with a lot of health.

I have the last upgrade done on my house, all my farm buildings done (except the slime hutch and well, since I can't see the point of them), and my axe upgraded to the final level (not really seeing the point of doing the pickaxe, but I suppose eventually I will).

Best of all, Sebastian is ready to marry me, but I couldn't get the marriage thingie from the NPC in winter (boy was that frustrating). Now I just have to wait for it to rain...

Now that my crops are set up, I need to put a fence up around my barn so my pig can't wander far and wide. Almost all my other animals are gone now. I have one cow and two goats waiting to be full hearts so I can sell them off. Ducks and rabbits need to give me feathers and feet, then they'll be gone. I have a couple of dinosaurs because it amuses me, so they'll likely stay around for a while to keep the pig company.

Oh, and about the sprinklers, how I had thought they didn't work? My bad, I hadn't understood how restricted they are -- I thought they covered eight squares in every direction, not one square on either side of it for a total of eight... Boy was I disappointed when I realized how they really work. At least, with all the mining and fishing I do (junk to make the refined quartz), I can make as many improved sprinklers as I need.

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