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2016 book: The Dragons Return

The Dragons Return (Tales From The New Earth Book 1) by J.J. Thompson
Rating: Disliked (Hated-Disliked-Okay-Liked-Loved)

This book sure did go downhill fast. When I first started reading it, I was enjoying it. The author did a thing I love: Dropped us into the middle of the story and explained nothing at first.

Set in the real world, dragons appeared and were wiping out cities. Being larger than 747s, they had an easy time killing everyone. While that was going on, a very few people were changing. One in 100,000 were physically and mentally becoming something new. Mostly it was happening children: physical changes (in no consistent way) and they were all forgetting their native language and speaking some new, unknown one.

So cool! I figured that maybe this dragon attack was bigger than just the physical attack -- maybe they were somehow changing what humans they could into dragons, too.

Then things took a left turn. The main character was one of the rare adult "changelings". At first it was interesting to see how interact with this new, burnt-out destroyed world. Then he went home. Though it was only three years since the dragons appeared, somehow he had built a stone tower (three stories tall plus a deep basement) to live in. And he could do magic. Real, serious magic, like summoning elementals from another plane. Then elves showed up. And oh hey, and Atlantis was real too.

I stopped about 15% into the book, and based on the Amazon reviews, I made a good choice in giving up on it.

Currently reading: Villains by Necessity. ...Wow, I think there's a big error on that Amazon page. The book summary is for some other book (though one I'd like to read!). The Editorial Reviews section describes the correct book though. Apparently the summary on that page applies to another of that author's books.
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