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Well that was an interesting way to make $35

One way to make miles on my credit card is to fill out surveys. It's not really worth it at all (time:miles ratio is really off), but if I'm doing nothing else, I'll fill one out. I did one about TV, and at the end it asked me if I would be interested in being contacted to watch a new show and talk about what I thought of it. Hey, seeing a new show ahead of everyone else and get paid for it? Sign me up!

Silly me forgot how awful most TV is. This was a sitcom I assume was targeted at 20-somethings. The humor in it was so painfully bad, not at all a match for me. That being said, it would be cool if this show ended up on TV and I had gotten to see it ahead of time. (I'm not permitted to talk about the show itself, so unfortunately I can't mention the title or details about it here.)

Within eight weeks we get paid (a $35 gift card that can supposedly be used anywhere).

The most interesting part was the final 'question'. The host said thanks, and all of our replies to that showed to the rest of the group (none of our other answers showed up to each other, only the company/host/show producers saw them). It was interesting to see the nicknames people picked for themselves (people who pick a name like "[name]'s mommy" always make me roll my eyes -- do you really have no identity other than who you gave birth to?), and how well people could type/write.

While I didn't like the show at all and said that in my answers, I hope, since I seemed to be one of the people most able to write, that they ask me to do more of these.
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