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Stardew Valley

I had an amusing moment yesterday. I read ahead and found out what happens in spring of your third year, and so wanted to get ready for that. I was trying to max out my last two skills (mining and adventuring were both at 9, everything else 10), which meant lots of trips into the dungeon.

When I had animals, I made lots of omelets, and had kept them on hand to use as food for adventuring.

Eventually I had spent so much time in the mines and dungeon, that I ran out of food. I had never cooked anything else, and saved no produce for cooking, which meant... no food for adventuring. Which meant no adventuring.

I discovered that I could turn my maple syrup into maple bars (mmm) and so when I had a handful of those, I went into the dungeon.

In addition to wanting to max out my skills, I still did not have a prism shard. That was really bugging me.

I only had a couple bars, but nothing else to do that day, so I went into the dungeon just to see how far I could get. First level, I killed one of those bat things, it dropped a shard (!!!). There's like a .01% chance of that!

I left the dungeon immediately and went home to sleep so my game would save. And overnight I hit max rank on mining and adventuring.


So suddenly, with one bat killed, I had accomplished all my goals. Except I didn't. When I read the shard's flavor text, I saw that I need a second one for the museum. *sob*

Back to the dungeon with me.
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