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Quickie Stardew Valley post

Mr. Owl, how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?

I've caught glimpses of the owl before, but never as close/well as this!

Also: I HATE wine day. It may be good money, but ugh. So much clicking! I have about 175 kegs, and 40 of the kind for veggies, which keeps me from having to sell my produce "raw", but man. I dread having to deal with all that wine!

Related to owls and things that come in the night: The witch finally* visited me, so I got a void egg! Now I have chickens again, cause black ones are fun. (She actually came my second or third day of playing, but of course I had no chicken coop then...)

While I don't have fun in the dungeon anymore, I made another trip today to try to get the second prism shard I need. I was out of bombs, out of food, so on my final floor, and was just clearing all the rocks since I had the energy to do so. I got one from a rock! YAY!

I don't think that's the end of my dungeon trips though. I need 12 more items for my museum, and I think some of them come from the mines. (I had thought I only needed two more items, but then I discovered there's a mini-room in the museum. Sigh!)

[Spoiler for Spring of your third year event.]I passed it on my first try, which I was confident wouldn't happen. I think the wiki's numbers must be way off. I thought I would have to finish my bundles and do lots of friendship work to get for candles lit, but I got all four on day one... Guess they nerfed it at some point. I was kind of sad about that, because I would have liked more to do in game.

So the last things I have left to do in game:
Catch one fish (summer, it's spring now). Not even a rare one, just common one I had missed.
Finish the museum? I guess that's reason to keep going, even if it seems like it'll be a pain.

In the 1.1 update, Shane is going to be able to be married, and there's no word of divorces, so I might be starting a second farm. I really cannot recommend Sebastian as a husband. He wants to lay around at home all day and read comic books. GET A JOB, YOU BUM
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