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2016 book: Love: The Lion

Love: The Lion by Frederic Brremaud
Rating: Liked (Hated-Disliked-Okay-Liked-Loved)

Book received free for review from Diamond Book Distributors.

This is the third book in the Love series, after Fox and Tiger. Previous reviews: Love: Fox, Love: Tiger. While the artwork was very pretty in this book, I enjoyed it the least of the three.

Told without any text at all, the story was about a male lion, from cubhood to his death. Like the other Love books, there were plenty of 'side stories' to show us other animals of the area.

Unfortunately, because we were dealing with lions (tawny) in a dry African plain, the colors tended to be dull. Lots of dark yellows. It's pretty telling that my favorite images (behind the cut, click below) were ones with color.

Nighttime scenes meant we had more color:

I think this was my favorite picture in the book.

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