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Password PSA, weight, Stardew Valley

orangerful originally posted a link to this. 273 million passwords stolen from Google, Yahoo, Microsoft in major security breach.

The hacker "has up to 1.7 billion email account passwords in his or her possession." And "personal details relating to an estimated 273 million email accounts. These include the email address and password for some 40 million Yahoo Mail, 33 million Hotmail/Outlook accounts, 24 million Gmail accounts, and tens of millions more."

So go change your password now, while you're thinking about it. Blah, I hate to change all of mine...

Edit: Oops, apparently this might not be true. But you're supposed to change your password on a regular basis anyway, so might as well do it.


I swear, my weight is SO wacky. Yesterday 199.6, today:

Losing a pound and a half in 24 hours? When I went so many weeks without losing an ounce? Ah well, I'll happily take the loss now. And yay this is my official weighing for the week, so it counts!


After my comments about my Stardew Valley farm being sucky, I've had a renew drive to play and make my farm nice. The website really helps with that. Each time you save, it uploads a screenshot for you. So game day by day, you can see how changes are being made. My page has 22 days as of this post, it's fun to see how it changes in time. (Click once on the farm image on that site to bring up the slideshow.)

I'm neither done nor fully happy with it yet, but here's the first step of improving things.



The space isn't still too well used, but I'm early summer right now, so more major changes will likely have to wait until winter. I'm going to chop down all the normal trees, since I have ones out in town tapped.
The lower left corner is all fruit trees, but I might off those as well since you can plant them around town. (I probably really should do that, the space would much better be used for crops...)

(Edit: And by the way, "Where's your stable?" you ask of the After view of the farm? You can destroy the building and the horse just stays there! It stands in the same place, as if the stable were still there. So you get the land back and can keep using your horse!)

The small plot closest to the house is flowers, and bee hives line its wall. I'm in love with my growing mushroom forest, even if it's a waste of space.

So, since it was a girl this time, there was only one thing I could name it.

So now Haken, Morn, and Lu will be living with Sebastian. Until I can kick his underaged ass to the curb.

Speaking of the underaged ass, Sebastian finally, finally changed something in the house. And it's a great change! Check out the wallpaper he put up!

And lastly, the crop fairy came by. I actually had to look up what she does. (Makes crops mature faster, zzz.)

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