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My first taste of virtual reality

Lufthansa Airline is going to start flying out of a local airport, and so for some reason they came to my company to put on an event about it. Raffle for a round trip ticket to Europe, a small bit of swag (choice between a cookie, a plastic duck, or a tablet stand -- I took the stand), and a VR tour of a plane cabin and a airplane hanger. Because my chances of winning the trip are slim, the VR tour was the thing I was most looking forward too.

Maybe I watch too much scifi, but the reality of VR was really, really meh. It was basically like looking at a 360 degree photo. (You had to stay sitting in a chair, so you could spin but not get closer to anything.) I never once felt the desire to put out my hand and see if I could touch something -- the 3D effects in movies are a lot more realistic.

I don't know if this was just a cheap system (someone else in line said it looked like Google Cardboard) or if all VR is like that. Either way, it was a big disappointment.

But hey, maybe since the VR was disappointing, I'll win the trip. :P The drawing is in 40 minutes, so if I don't edit this post shortly, you'll know I didn't win.
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