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Photos, no photos, and other assorted stuff

I took pictures of my gardens and orange tree, but the sun was in a bad position and so it was all too dark. I'll try earlier tomorrow.

Spent Vacation Day #1 doing various shopping things. Target was the big one. Spent too much money, but it was almost all stuff I needed, so. Pots, broiler pan, pillow, a second laundry hamper, soap, all that stuff. The one little thing I got that I didn't need was a Lockhart (HP) figure. To be honest, I would have bought more if there was anything I wanted. No Snape figures at all. One single Draco one, but it was ugly. Anyway, Lockhart now lives on top of my computer between giant Scabbers and a biker dude. Other assorted things in the picture, from left to right: Biker, Rattata (purple pokemon), pirate (in front of Lockhart), Abra (pokemon, yellow), little wolf figure, Pigey (bird pokemon), Scabbers behind them, and on the far right is a Beanie Baby cat. The top of my computer changes all the time. Tidus was up there, but fell off and I never found a new place for him. Yuna was stolen by my cat.

Since I downloaded photos from my camera, I got some other stuff that I shot at some unknown earlier date. In Yu Gi Oh, they have a part of the opening animation that goes by a frame a second or so, so I slowed it down to watch. I found two interesting things in it: Ma'am, I think your bird has been in your hormone replacement pills, and this demon dude. I swear I've seen that demon elsewhere. I'm strongly thinking from Buffy? Maybe that ep where they all had to sing?

I sent my second HP story in to the group last night. Though it's totally lacking in sex, it got some nice comments, so I was quite happy. The writing fest ends on the 31st of this month, so A) I feel great that I wrote (and submitted!) both stories that I was planning to write, and B) after the fest ends I can post the stories here and elsewhere, if I want to submit it to a fanfic archive or something. Which I might.

Let's see. American Idol ends this week (sob!). Three nights this week, then that's it. Surviver is finished, too. Good thing Amazing Race is starting or I'd be totally lacking in reality TV! (I know most people wouldn't mind that at all... :P )

Going to be RPing tonight, a one-player-ONS in my currently running TP. (See, people? I "killed" Grayson for a reason! He needs to be "dead" for certain things! Stop questioning me, I'm the one who knows the whole plot. And, as everyone knows by now, he'll be okay in the end, so chill!) I did have fun nearly leveling the bad guys' HQ/home though. Heh heh heh. Too bad it's a slow time on the MUSH and there aren't many bad guys around to RP the fallout.
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