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Movie "night" (week...) part two

In an effort to get more from Captain America: Civil War, and because hamsterwoman said she actually enjoyed it, I watched Ant-Man. When the trailers had come out, I had less than no interest in it. While I really enjoy Marvel movies, Ant-Man just seemed like such a stupid idea.

Boy was I surprised when I watched it. Not only did I really like it, it's in my top three or four Marvel movies, and I liked it a lot more than Civil War. It had great humor, great effects, and such "heart". I totally loved it! It was very Guardians of the Galaxy-ish.

So, a couple days after that, I rewatched Civil War. It saddened me that it didn't really hold up to a second viewing. The fight scenes were the best, along with Spider-Man, but probably at least half the movie was of little value to rewatch (basically everything plotty I didn't feel the need to see again).

I still need to rewatch Age of Ultron, but I seem to remember not enjoying it, so I might just read the wiki page for it.

It's silly, but I wish Marvel would put out movies even faster. Doctor Strange is the last 2016 movie (I know nothing at all about the character or the movie, so not really excited over it, but Ant-Man's lesson will stand and I'll still watch it). 2017 brings us Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (yay!), Spider-Man (yay!) and a new Thor (meh). 2018 is Black Panther (yay!), Avengers (YAY), and Ant-Man 2 (YAY!).

I'm not including X-Men/Wolverine movies in that list, since I think they're a different 'world'? I haven't had any interest in X-Men yet.
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