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So much to do. My in box is full of emails, I'll be replying to comments and trying to catch up on my friends list over the next couple days. It's so good to have net access again!

There was a "famous" person on my flight home. Joanne Weir was in the check-in line right in front of me (and didn't even fly first class). I wouldn't have realized it was her at all, but she was recording her voice mail and quietly said into it 'Hi this is Joanne Weir, I can't take your call...' and I was close enough to hear her. Even from behind, I was sure it was her (she had the same unique hair), and when I edged around the front to see her face, I was sure. I didn't say anything to her though, partially because I hate her cooking show/how she acts/her voice and always switched the channel when she was on.

I was so happy to get home and see my cat. Unfortunately she seems to have forgotten who I am. Instead of running to me when I came home (as she does after work), she sat at a distance and eyed me in a 'Who the hell are you?' sort of way. When I approached her, she backed off, still eyeing me like she was scared. Silly kitty, I was only gone a week!

Both times through the TSA line at the airport I got pulled out of line for a pat-down. The first time was okay -- interesting since I never had one before and she mostly just went through the motions. Coming home was a different story and she actually felt my crotch (with the back of her hand), and fully between my thighs, across my butt, etc. That was odd and rather disturbing.

More tomorrow!
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