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Thank you for cheating me sometime in the past, Apple!

Amazon and B&N both sent me emails today, telling me that I have a credit from some class action suit about ebooks. The B&N didn't list an amount, but Amazon's given me an almost $75 ($72.60) credit. WOOT! I don't expect B&N's to be much, as I only ever bought three or four ebooks from them, but I'm impressed at how much Amazon's is!

"Apple, Inc. (Apple) funded this credit to settle antitrust lawsuits brought by State Attorneys General and Class Plaintiffs about the price of electronic books (eBooks)."

In other news, I finished this season of Orange is the New Black. Generally I enjoyed it, though there were some very unrealistic and heavy-handed parts that made me frowny.

Related: I'm seriously considering canceling Netflix, as there's never usually much of anything I want to watch online there anymore. I thought I'd never survive without TV service, but the less I watch, the less I want to watch, I suppose. Sense8 is the only other original series from them I'd be interested in catching, and Orange is the New Black is over for another year.
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