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To TV or not TV...

If you have to move, having notice months in advance is really handy. I'm making slow progress towards "packing" (more like just throwing things out right now, I'm doing very little actual box-filling yet). One of the big things I have to decide on is the TV, which then includes the Tivo and the big TV entertainment center (not really an entertainment center -- the glass TV table/thingie the TV stands on). Do I want to bring them with me? Is it worth it without TV service?

There are potential other uses for the TV. I could play games on it (though I haven't in 5+ years). I have a Roku, so I could watch things on it (though I only ever have once, when my mother was visiting; I usually just watch things on my second computer monitor).

...though I suppose, since I canceled Netflix, that there's even less use for the TV/Roku. When my mother comes to visit (once a year or less), we like watching movies together, but without Netflix, that'd be impossible. Though I could turn Netflix back on for her visit. Though last time she came, we found no Netflix movies we were interested in.

This is the back-and-forth my thought process keeps going through. Then I get to questions like: How many sets of sheets is it reasonable to keep for a one-person, one-bed household? How many sets of towels? I have 50-something washcloths, which is insane.

I'm finally getting rid of all my pre-weight loss clothing, too. I had been still wearing it now and then, since my brain keeps telling me I'm still exactly the same size as I was, though logical-me knows I shouldn't wear it anymore.

I need to get to the post office soon to get some of those 'box ships for $X, no matter what the weight' boxes. I have some gaming books and Disney stuff that I think might sell on eBay, so I want to list those.

So much to do, luckily I still have almost three months left to do it.
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