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I have a new apartment (probably)

I put in an application for a new apartment today. While I haven't heard back yet, my credit and rental history are very good, so I don't expect there to be any problems (famous last words). The studio apartments are all currently being renovated, due to be done by August 1st, and I need to move in in September, so turned out I got my pick of them (picked a corner unit in the back, hopefully will be the quietest). Ground floor. Apartment choice isn't in writing yet, I need to see to that.

Other notes:

No air conditioning, windows only in the front of the apartment (so no cross-breeze). It's early July and I haven't yet used my AC once this year, so... hopefully that won't be too big of an issue.

Has washer/dryer! That's a big, big positive and one I hadn't figured I'd be able to get. (Also has a dishwasher, which rocks.)

Pent rent is such a scam. I have to pay $65 extra every month because I have a cat... My current pet rent is $25, which is still a scam, but less so than $65. Highest listed pet rent I've seen was $75, so $65 is pretty bad.

Oddly the apartment comes with "high speed internet access". If it really is good access, I can drop Comcast, which will save me over $100.

It's maybe 5-10 minutes further from work. Technically it's one town over from where I am now, but it's so close to the border, it might as well be the same town.

Water/trash/net is about $100 a month extra. (I'm currently paying about the same for just water/trash here.)

Big minus: No assigned parking. Street parking is insanely jammed. There's a resident-only parking lot, but it's small. I strongly suspect there are more apartments than spots. This is likely going to be the issue that makes me eventually move. Sad. (You can get an assigned spot, but it's $160 per month...)

Is it perfect? No. But it's in my price range, and I'm getting more features than I had hoped I would (washer/dryer), so hopefully it will work out. It's really, REALLY small. I've always said I never needed much space and my current apartment is too big for me, so I guess I'm going to get to test that out. :P
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