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Life update (and free books!)

Everything about my life right now seems all wrapped up in my coming move, which is odd as it's still a month and a half away. I have my lease signed for the new place, so that's locked up. Good apartment location, right on the back corner, so it should be the most quiet option. Unfortunately I think the afternoon sun will pour in, so that will make it hotter in the summer (no AC, so that's an issue). The unit on the opposite side would be cooler and more private, but I think less safe. It faces a fence to another apartment complex, one a little more run down than the one I'm moving into, so it would be easier to break into with no one seeing it.

Endless worrier that I am, I'm worrying nonstop about the parking situation there (no assigned parking, very small lot -- fewer spots than there are apartments). The thinking part of me says it should be minimally annoying -- once I'm home for the day after work I never want to go back out, and I'd rather not go out on weekends as well, and since I get home from work early I can get a parking spot and not worry about losing it later in the day. But the rest of me? Endless what-ifs and all sorts of images of parking nightmares. It's stupid and pointless to worry (the lease is signed, there's no backing out even if I want to), but I live my life like one of those tiny dogs that trembles endlessly, so I just can't quiet the worry.

I got the moving company reserved already, though I have to call them this morning to give more information. (I sure do wish companies would do more business by email than by phone!)

My current apartment offers a pre-move out inspection, so they can tell me anything that will impact getting my deposit back. That's nice. It's on August 23rd, so I intend to try to have all my cleaning done by then. It's nice that there's so much time, I can do one big task a day instead of having to get it all done NOW NOW NOW.

There was so much paperwork. My new lease was 51 pages long! I tried to read it all (since it was all online and so I had time to do it), but man, I feel like the whole thing is a trap that's just waiting for me to fall into. My ending-lease paperwork for the current apartment was another 20-something pages, including information like, if they find a new person to lease to, they could tell me to leave before my lease is officially ended... (I suppose I have to live on the street then?)

Lease for the new place mentioned that we're close to somewhere with "public entertainment" and there could be noise after hours. I have no idea what that's referring to -- I'd think a sports stadium or something, but there's nothing around the area that I can see. (Maybe it's a default thing they put into leases...)

As I had lived in my last apartment for 10 years, when I moved into my new apartment, I put up wall decals. I'm so sad to be taking them down. Not only are they semi-expensive, but there's no saving them -- when they come down, you throw them out, since they're like big stickers. I really liked them so much, I'll miss having them.

Books! hamsterwoman posted a link to the new ebook of the month club -- a free ebook once a month. Win!
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