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My LJ is almost 14 years old, and other non-book review things

In the middle of this month, my LJ will hit 14 years old. How amazing and scary is that? I still want to go back and tag the old entries, but I have seven years of them that aren't done... During those early years, I posted daily or multiple times a day, so that would be a lot of work. However, it would be interesting to read all those posts again, so...maybe. (Every year I say the same thing, so I'm not exactly holding my breath that I'll get it done this year.)

It's exactly one month until I move. I really, really like having all this time ahead of time. I've thrown out so much stuff. I had multiple boxes I never unpacked in the last 10+ years, but stuff I knew I didn't want to throw away. I ended up throwing away about 90% of it. :P

My new apartment is going to be a studio, which I'm kind of worried about. It's going to be kind of like living in a dorm room, but without a roommate (THANKFULLY). One room, tiny kitchen, tiny bathroom. So the more I can get rid of, the better.

It's odd, but usually when I move, I think it's going to be a long-term thing, that I won't want to move again. But this time I know I won't be staying there more than a year or two. The parking situation is what's going to be what makes me leave. (I could pay $160 extra a month for a parking spot, but the place also has no AC, so it's not like it's perfect other than not having assigned or much street parking.) So basically it feels like, once I'm home from work early afternoon, I won't be able to leave again for the day because I won't have a spot when I get back. I know I don't like going back out after work, but sometimes there are doctors appointments and I keep wanting to try to reach out and get some kind of social network going, but that would be hard enough even without stressing about finding a parking spot when I get back. So, a year or two in the new place, then I'll move again.

...I know I said this wouldn't be about books, but wow, that In real Life one I just finished is still in my brain and won't leave me alone. I want to know MORE MORE MORE about professional eSports teams! I even watched some Starcraft videos on YouTube.

I think I'm going to be able to get my apartment clean enough to get most of the deposit back. My bedroom rug is the big problem. Ellie New Cat always throws up on it, and there are some visible spots. I need to get some carpet spot cleaner or something.

Work is rough right now, but that's nothing new.

Gaming is... somewhat the same. A number of months back, I got roped into a leadership position that I didn't want, but no one else wanted and they all voted for me to get it. The group needed a leader or it would fold, and it was a very old group, but I didn't want it all the same (I had been about to leave the group, in fact). Months later, and I still have the position. I still don't want it. It's nothing but stress for me, and next to no benefit. Problem is, no one else wants leadership, so if I give leadership to anyone who will take it, it will hurt the group, and I feel too responsible to want that to happen... so it's sort of a catch-22.

TV: I watched the first season of Mr. Robot, which was AMAZING. Like nothing else ever on TV. I loved it! I'm waiting to watch the second season until it's over though, so I can marathon it. Better Call Saul's second season should be about over soon, too? So I can start watching that. Yesterday I started Stranger Things, which is completely freaking me out. I didn't know it was horror-ish (or maybe I'm just a scaredy cat).
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