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The best-laid plans of mice and zzzzzz

For the last couple evenings, I've been logging off my computer earlier to get more pre-bed reading time in. Step one of that plan works surprisingly well (logging off earlier), but step two (reading longer) keeps falling through. My brain seems programmed to go to sleep after an hour of reading -- when I start reading a half-hour earlier, I go to sleep a half-hour earlier than my usual time. It's very odd and surprising.

I'm back to running. I had to take some time off because I pulled something in my leg. Idiot me one day decided to run without any stretching at all (I was angry and just Didn't Want To stretch). I spent a week after that limping around, then started to feel better so tried running again, but it hurt from the first step so I stopped and gave it another week. I still get little twinges of pain in the muscle, but it's held up through two days of running, so I guess it's okay.

I feel almost like I'm lying when I talk about running, because I measure in minutes, not miles, and it's not all that many minutes (YET). But everyone has to start somewhere, and I spent most of my life thinking I would never be able to run, so I'm happy even for the little bit I do.

I know it probably sounds strange, but when I was heavier, that's the one thing I felt my weight was holding me back from: running. I was happy enough with all my life and what I could do and not do, other than I really, really wanted to try to run. (130+ pounds heavier and even walking hurt my knees, running was NOT an option at all.) I thought I'd die never being able to run, so I'm really quite pleased I can do it now.

Hm, I seem not to have a "sleep" tag, so I guess "so very tired" is it, even if I'm not all that tired...
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