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A Bittersweet Potion

It looks like over the weekend, A Bittersweet Potion was updated. (Darned it all! They need a mailing list so they can send out notifications of updates!) If you're already reading this story, go check out the new chapters. If you're not, then what are you waiting for? It's really one of my most favorite fics, and I *love* the comparison made in chapter 30 to Peter, that the wording was even exactly the same, I believe. "I was your cat... I was a good pet..." Substituting 'rat' for 'cat', of course . It made me see that compared-to thing in a new light, which is a totally cool thing for a story to do to you.

For people who haven't read it, Harry gets a special "gift" which allows him to transform into any animal he likes. As a cat, he gets taken in by Snape. I don't want to explain more, to keep from spoiling the story. Go read it yourself. The writers are so skilled, and cat-Harry is so wonderfully cat-like. The whole story is so sweet!
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