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Random things and a question

- In the endless tangle of worries that is my brain, a new BIGGEST MOST IMPORTANT WORRY EVER has come to the forefront of the others: The new apartment complex I'm moving into comes with wifi, so I'm going to cancel my personal service and use the complex's (saving almost $100/month), but now I can't stop wondering if it'll be good enough. If I'm sharing wifi with an apartment complex, probably 50 other apartments, what are the chances I'll get the speed/bandwidth that I'm used to? Good enough to play online games (MMOs) and steam video without lag? Is that a pipe dream or might it be good enough that I won't need to return to a personal account?

- In other apparently worry-related news, last night I had a dream I was at work. Working. So when I woke up, I felt like I had been at work all night... just in time to go to work this morning. Thanks, brain.

- I'm watching the new Voltron series from Netflix/Dreamworks. I had loved the original Voltron when I was a kid, so I had hoped I'd like the new series, but right now (halfway point of the first season), I'm pretty meh on it. I don't hate it, I don't love it. It's watchable.

- Ellie New Cat is the oddest cat. She doesn't like to climb things. I used to have a floor-to-ceiling post for her, but she never used it so I got rid of it. Now I have boxes stacked halfway to the ceiling, formed in "steps" that would be easy as pie for her to jump up, and she hasn't checked it out once. She never wants to go higher than the back of a chair or desktop. I never met a cat like that before.

- Packing for my move is going well. I said it before and I'll say it again: It rocks to start really early. I have three weeks and change left, and I'm nearly done packing -- too done! I packed stuff I now wish I hadn't packed, bowls and such.

- I have a ton of non-packing, move-related stuff left to do. I've been dragging my feet on it for some reason, things like change of address through the post office, scheduling power to turn on in the new place, etc. Much of it can be easily done online, though some of it (like canceling Comcast) will need a phone call and an office visit to return hardware.

- Though I said I was done with Freecycle, I decided to list one more thing. I had three very nice plush toys (picture of them), very good condition (kept on shelves, never played/slept with). I thought they would get lots of interest and snapped right up, but nope. Only one single request, and that person wanted just one of the three. (I ended up saying no to that person, since I'd have to take the other two to Goodwill to donate, splitting the group would just double my work.) I know this area has very few families/kids, but I still thought there would be interest in them. Oh well.
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