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Better Call Saul

I just finished season two of Better Call Saul and... *#$#(@$#)

[Spoilers for whole show.]

Maybe this would be a show that's better to watch once a week instead of marathoning it. Jimmy/Saul really got on my nerves. He keeps getting himself into deep crap because he's too nice of a guy, and somehow that's more annoying than if he were a jerk. Maybe that would be less annoying if it had been spread out instead of all of it in a week or so.

His whole darned life could be better if he wasn't nice, if he didn't tell the truth, if he didn't try to help someone -- what kind of a lesson is that?

As the season went on, I was wishing Mike were more the focus of the show instead of Jimmy. Mike is complex and growing/changing/evolving, and very, very interesting.

While I enjoyed the show, it left me feeling annoyed more than anything else.

I have no idea what I'm going to watch now, I think I'm caught up on everything I wanted to watch...

Edit: Trying out Better off Ted. Might just die of laughter. :D
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